Welcome to the home page for the FireRuby extension to the Ruby programming language. FireRuby is an open source extension for the Ruby programming language that provides access the the Firebird open source RDBMS. The FireRuby library was written as a C extension to Ruby but no compilation is necessary as binary versions are provided for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. The FireRuby project is currently hosted on the Ruby Forge web site and the main project page can be found here.


FireRuby 0.4.0 Released (11 November 2005)

It took a little longer than expected by version 0.4.0 of the FireRuby library has been released. As noted in the previous news item this release provides some alterations and additions to aid in the development of the Firebird ActiveRecord adapter. The other major change is the addition of functionality to extract SQL field type information. The gem files for the release are available from the Ruby Forge site so download them and give them a try.

FireRuby Work Recommences (22 October 2005)

Its been a quiet few months for the FireRuby library as I've been bounced around quite a bit over the last while. Things are finally starting to settle down and I've managed to assemble a stable work environment. Over this weekend I've incorporated a few (minor) bug fixes and made some alterations requested by Ken Kunz in support of the ActiveRecord adapter. I will hopefully be releasing this as version 0.4.0 in the not too distant future.

Firebird Rails Adapter (10 July 2005)

A new Firebird adapter for Ruby On Rails has been created and submitted for acceptance. This adapter is uses the FireRuby library to provide access to Firebird. The Rails ticket for the new adapter can be found here. Instructions on how to deploy and use the adapter can be found here. If you make use of this adapter please provide feedback as to its stability or any issues you encounter on the adapter ticket.